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BCC Dessert and Cake (also known as La Casamia and Casamia Paris) is a proudly family-owned business - operating in Brisbane since 2003. 


Here at BCC Dessert and Cake, we offer the most authentic sweets for gourmands. By using premium quality ingredients, all our delights such as cake slices and our (signature) Creme Brulee are made from scratch and on-premise. 


Boundless creativity is unleashed by our on-site pastry chef to ensure all cake slices and desserts are presented perfectly and tastes just as good as they look! We offer a wide range of sophisticated cakes including, mousse, fresh cream, cheese, pudding, vanilla bean, and ice cream. 


For the love of cakes - BCC aims to captivate tradition and cultivate modern methods to create sweets for your pleasure. We promise you, each and every dessert encompasses their own irresistible tasty character. (no regrets!)





“We eat savoury to feed ourselves and sweets as a pleasure”