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Caramelized creme brulee, made with fresh vanilla beans, accompanied with light baked sesame basket and vanilla ice cream.


Italian mascarpone cheesecake served with light baked tuile and vanilla ice cream, along with strawberries on the side.


Diced strawberries with strawberry sauce, composed with dark chocolate, strawberry cream and vanilla bean ice cream. Finished off with crispy filo pastry, sugar chip, strawberry and salted caramel crunch.


French cream cheese with currants wrapped in freshly baked thin filo pastry, along with matching crispy tuile and vanilla ice cream. Finished off with Cara Crankie (hazelnut and chocolate crumbles)



Assortment ice cream with freshly whipped meringue served in flame




Chocolate torte baked to perfection consisting of a warm chocolate centre filled with hints of orange liquor. Served with light baked tuile, vanilla ice cream and vanilla bean sauce.

*Please allow 20mins cooking time*



Creme brulee made with Vietnamese grounded coffee and finished off with a thin caramelized top. Sprinkled over with praline crumble and paired with an oven-baked tuile basket and vanilla ice cream.




Mixed fruit pudding, layered with vanilla sponge and meringue. Accompanied with sugar basket, vanilla ice cream and drizzled over with vanilla bean sauce.




A freshly baked multi-layer puff pastry filled with homemade vanilla bean custard, strawberries, strawberry sauce and served with crispy tuile, vanilla ice cream and vanilla bean sauce.




Fresh mangoes, mango puree served with sago and mango sorbet. Along with vanilla ice cream, vanilla bean sauce and fresh mixed fruit (SEASONAL)



Multi-layer puff pastry filled with fresh mangoes, mango puree and homemade vanilla bean custard. Paired with Cara Crankie, mango sorbet and lightly baked filo pastry (SEASONAL)



Smooth airy custard served with fresh mixed fruit. Accompanied by hazelnut and praline crumble, vanilla ice cream and vanilla bean sauce (30 MINS)

*Must be ordered 1-2 days in advance*




Traditionally made and served fresh from the oven; the souffle is slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Paired with a glass of fresh mixed fruits, berry sorbet, berry sauce and filo pastry (30 MINS)

*Minimum order of 2 and must be ordered 1-2 days in advance*





















** ​請注意過敏原,可能含有:豆類,牛奶,雞蛋,麩質,花生,堅果類。 如有疑問可向店員資訊。 **

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